What is Derby In Motion?

How many derby girls do you know who quit in the first few months due to frustration?  Due to injury?  Do you know women who are chronically injured or injury prone? Wouldn’t it be great if there was someone to help every derby girl build the base of strength, power and endurance she needs to embrace her full derby potential?  What about programs built for entire teams to train in the off season to better their performance in season?    What about preventing injury with proper warm-up and cool downs?  We will teach these to your trainers, as well as proper exercises and safe exercise progressions for your skaters.  We will teach you to train smart so you can skate smart!

Welcome to Derby In Motion!

Our goal is to help roller derby leagues and derby girls (and guys!) prevent injury.  How?  Full mobility and stability screens of your skaters allow us to design workout or mobility programs to enhance their derby form and movement.  That sounds scary!  Actually, the screens are quick and easy.  Many new skaters are “coming off the couch” – they are not active in life outside of work.  They are looking to derby to help them get in shape.  Some can’t even balance on one leg!  We need to help these skaters increase their fitness so they don’t get injured.  This will increase their derby life, meaning they will stay with your league longer and have a more positive experience.

After an initial screen, we will be able to design individual off skates programs for skaters to help them decrease their  injury risk.  These exercise programs will improve their posture, joint mobility and/or stability and balance.  Some practices are as simple as standing on one foot while you brush your teeth.

We also teach league trainers proper warm-up and cool down techniques.  Is your team workout getting stale?  Don’t feel you are getting results for your fresh meat skaters?  Derby In Motion will design workouts for skaters at different levels of ability, as well as complete periodization modules that will prepare teams for their competition season.

Contact us at gracieomalice@gmail.com today!

Derby In Motion is located in Salem, Oregon.  We’re up for travel, so don’t hesitate to contact us!