About Gracie O’Malice

Derby In Motion is the brain child of Anisa Bear, aka Gracie O’Malice.  She’s been a derby girl since 2010 and is currently the new recruit strength and conditioning and level 1 coach for the Cherry City Derby Girls in Salem, Oregon. Gracie is a retired skater, previously skating as a Panty Raider and a Boneyard Brawler.  She has a diploma in Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching from the National Personal Training Institute.  She also plans to become certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Gracie had what some consider a unique introduction to roller derby.  A year or so after seeing the movie Whip It! she joined a group of girls that wanted to start a league in her home town.  None of them had any derby experience.  Through trial and error, they created a league.  Gracie spent lots of time traveling to other leagues to learn how they were organized, types of basic drills, drill progressions, etc.  Six months into her derby career she decided to change leagues.  She was ready to bout!!  So she joined a small league that had been around for a few years.  Because it was so small, the experience for most new skaters was “out of the frying pan, into the fire!”.  Gracie has and continues to have a lot of fun with this league.  After her move to Portland for school, she started guest skating with a larger, more organized WFTDA league.  Gracie enjoyed skating with them and appreciateedseeing how they progress their skaters, so she joined.  All of this has helped lead her to her new career.  Experiences with new derby leagues and small derby leagues have led her to ask, “How do we decrease injuries and improve injury prevention?”.  Gracie believes that screening joint mobility and stability, as well as agility and balance will help skaters identify and correct muscle imbalances or weaknesses, which will help prevent injury.

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