Activate Your Derby Booty!

Hero Squats

CUES: These can also be done as part of your warm-up.  With toes and knees on floor, sit back on heels.  Pull your belly button to your spine.  Using your glutes ONLY (no quads!!) lift your butt off of your heels by extending through the hip instead of the knees.

Donkey Kicks

CUES: With hands and knees on floor, (hands under shoulders and knees under hips) raise right leg and bend knee to 90°.  Lift foot to the ceiling.  Belly button to spine, keep back flat.  Do not arch back as you lift your leg, do not straighten leg.  Repeat on left side.

Donkey Kick Progressions

CUES:  Donkey kicks from a plank position.  Same as above.


Low Bridge

CUES: Belly button to spine.  Using glutes, lift butt off floor, creating a straight line from the upper torso/shoulders to the knees.

Low Bridge Hold with Kicks

CUES: Hold low bridge position, pick up right foot and straighten right leg, then return to floor.  Repeat on left side.

Low Bridge Single Leg

CUES: Same as low bridge, but hold one leg up off ground.

Marching Bridge

CUES: Hold low bridge, alternate lifting legs up and down.


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