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“Anything worth doing well is worth doing badly at first” – Brian Tracey

Some of you are probably looking at this quote and saying, “Huh?”.  Let me explain.  Everyone has their own learning curve for life, including derby.  Many girls decide to play and don’t even know how to skate! So yes, they are going to be bad at first.  How can you be good right away if you have to learn how to skate first? This is good, though!! Learning a completely new skill set is awesome for self confidence, keeping your brain smart, etc. So don’t be afraid to suck at first.  We all start somewhere.  Also, don’t compare  your progress to anyone but yourself!  You are your own benchmark, no one else.  Yes, you’ll have to take tests, and learn skills, and be compared to others in that space.  But don’t let this get into your head and control how you feel about your derby journey.  If you are improving every week, no matter how small, you are growing, and that is progress.

Many of us hit a wall at some point in derby.  We are so hard on ourselves and so busy comparing our skills to the skills of others that we get stuck in our own heads.  If you find yourself there, try the following:

  • Relax! Don’t be so hard on yourself.
  • Re-connect with your team.  They love you and respect you and want you!
  • Spend one practice focused on what you do well.  It will help you rebuild your confidence.
  • When someone complements you, accept it and say thank you!!
  • Remember the base reason you started all this – having FUN!!

We’ve all been there.  If these tips don’t help, find another gal on your team or league and talk it out.  Her outside perspective will help you realign your own perspective.

Above all, stay positive.  Ya know, you’re paying to play!! 😉