Derby Ankles – Let Them Be Mobile, Derby Feet – Let Them Be Stable


Do you wrap them or wear a stiff brace to restrict movement?  Stable/stiff ankles create mobility at your knees, which should be stable, not mobile.

If you do injure your ankle, rehabilitate carefully and in the proper order:

  1. Decrease pain and inflammation.
  2. Increase flexibility.
  3. Increase strength of the ankle joint, calves and shins.
  4. Work on balance and coordination at the ankle.
  5. Gradually return to full activity.


Do you have flat feet?  Or do you pronate, meaning that you roll your foot to the inside as you walk?  This changes the alignment of your knees, bringing them inward.  Overpronation forces the feet to turn out to compensate.  This can also create bunions!  Ouch!  Skaters with overpronation may also have plantar fasciitis, an inflammation of the connective tissue on the bottom of the foot.  Maybe you roll your feet outward (supination) instead?  This can also create problems at the ankle or knee.


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