Why Does the Back of My Ankle Hurt? – Achilles Tendonitis

This is the strongest, largest tendon in the body, and the most often injured.  6-8% of runners will have some form of Achilles tendonitis.  It is caused by stop and go activities, jumping, dancing,  and deceleration of body weight when landing.  This is primarily an overuse injury, but can also be caused by misalignment – pronation or supination of the ankle, any torsional stress, etc.


Inflammation and pain, which gets gradually worse.

Pain also follows an increase in activity.

Inactivity can also make the tendon tense and painful.

It can also be sensitive to pressure.

Stiffness occurs early but goes away as you warm-up.


First 48-72 hours – Intervals of ice, rest, immobilization.

After 48-72 hours – if the swelling  has gone down, alternate heat and ice.

Static stretching of calf muscles.

If pain persists, see a doctor.


Proper footwear in good condition.

Change running shoes at 300-500 miles.

10% rule for progression.

Stretch calves.

Work to correct any misalignment problems.

  1. deniseia gardner

    The back of my ankle hurts bt its not swollen.

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