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Derby Boot Camp!

March marks the addition of a new crop of derby girls for Cherry City. We love newbies!! For many reasons, derby leagues are revolving doors, so we are always so excited for new faces. For me, it means it’s time for derby boot camp. Derby In Motion sponsors two weeks, or six nights of off skates boot camp for Cherry City. The new girls are taught how to warm up, cool down, and proper exercise form. Each night includes a kick ass boot camp work out. The work outs are varied to give boot campers a taste of different types of workouts, including circuit training, resistance training, and interval training. Boot Camp also includes four clinics: Derby Science, Sports Nutrition, Forward Falls and Basic Skate Maintenance. That last clinic is provided by Alixher, owner of Hit This! Derby Gear. Check her out at

This time around, we are welcoming 31 new skaters! Quite a large group! Normally Derby In Motion also includes a night of functional movement assessments. Since the group is so large, we’ll still offer them, but outside of boot camp. These assessments are a great way for skaters to find out if they have muscle imbalances, tightness, or other movement issues. Becoming aware of these issues and working to correct them helps skaters prevent injuries as they are learning to play roller derby.

This will be the third recruitment that includes the Derby In Motion boot camp. Since its inception, Cherry City’s Level 1 coaches have seen a decrease in injuries in new skaters. We believe that teaching proper warm-ups, stretching and exercise form helps skaters avoid common derby strains and sprains. This is crucial, as derby is a full contact sport, and some type of injury, from minor to major, is common. Derby In Motion looks to minimize injuries to those that are accidents. Let’s prevent the injuries that we can!

Interested in boot camps for your newbies? Contact Derby In Motion today!