Time to Cool Down!

Cool Down


Decrease body temperature, bring heart rate down.

Unwind tight muscles and stretch muscles that are chronically tight to improve range of motion in joints.


Start with cooling down the body.  Low intensity skating, include skating in the opposite direction.

Move on to specific static stretching.  The point is to increase range of motion, not necessarily “lengthen” a specific muscle.

We don’t need to stretch every muscle that we’ve used.  Some we want to stay contracted to help our posture.  Muscles that are chronically tight are:

Calf muscles, front and back

Inner thigh muscles (adductors)

Outer thigh muscles (IT band)

Quads (front of thighs)

Hamstrings (back of thighs)

Hip Flexors

Lower Back – our low backs get tight when they are working when are glutes should be.  This can create low back pain for skaters.  Activating the glutes and stretching the back can help relieve this pain.

If you have really worked your glutes, go ahead and stretch them.  However these muscles are chronically weak in most, so we don’t want to make them weaker or elongated.

If the WOD/practice included a lot of upper body (for example, burpees or pushups in between rounds of drills), stretch the chest, triceps and shoulders.

Don’t be afraid to use a foam roller or trigger balls on areas that are still tight!



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