How to Warm Up

  • Start with a general warm-up.  Slow activity such as jog, shuttle run, leg swings, etc.  Low intensity.
  • Do some dynamic stretching.  Don’t sit down! The point here is to keep moving, moving all joints through their full range of motion, especially those used in derby.
  • Move on to a specific warm-up.  Use sport specific movements of increasing intensity. Keep moving!

General Warm-Up

Jog/shuttle run – face the same wall at all times.  Jog the track – forward the length, shuffle to the left across the top, run backwards down the length, shuffle to the right across the bottom.  Do 2 laps.


Leg swings – to the front and side (across the body), 10x each way each leg

Heel walk – walk completely on heels for 30 seconds

Toe walk – walk completely on toes for 30 seconds

If you have knee or ankle issues, do the leg swings progression instead of the jog/shuttle run.

Ankle circles – 10x each way, each foot

Knee hinges – bend at knees 10x

Lateral slides (position feet wider than hips, hinge at the hips and touch the floor if possible, slide side to side – 10x each side

Hip circles – 10x each way

Torso twists (keep hips forward, this is to loosen the upper back, not lower back) -10x each way

Shoulder rolls front and back -10x each

Arm hugs, alternating top arm -10x each

Arm swings -10x each, with palm facing behind you when it is above your head

Neck – look side to side -10x, neutral to chest – 10x

Dynamic Stretching

Frankensteins – walk forward, bringing right leg up towards left hand, keeping back and leg straight, take 3 quick steps, then repeat on other side – 30 seconds

Walking knee hugs – step forward, hug right knee to chest while extending left hip. Lower right knee, take 3 quick steps, hug left knee to chest while extending right hip, take 3 quick steps.  – 30 seconds

Quad stretch – step forward, lift right foot to booty and hold right ankle with right hand, release, take 3 quick steps, lift left foot to booty and hold left ankle with left hand, release, take 3 quick steps, repeat for 30 seconds.

Walking lunges with torso twist in the direction of the forward knee – 30 seconds

Overunders – turn to the left, step over the “fence” with right leg, then with left, then squat and step under the “fence”, repeat for 30 seconds, then repeat in the opposite direction.  30 seconds each way.

Inch worms – standing with feet hip width apart, hinge at hips and place hands on the floor.  Keeping legs as straight as possible, walk out into plank position.  Walk feet towards hands, keeping legs straight and pushing weight through the heels. Stand up, repeat for 30 seconds.

Spiderman – Crouch on hands and feet.  Stretch right leg out, walk hands and left foot to right foot. Stretch left leg out, walk hands and right foot to left foot.  Repeat – 30 seconds.

Derby Specific Warm-up

Skaters – 30 seconds

Carioca –  another name for alternating grapevines – fast feet, small steps, moving sideways and alternating the forward foot between right and left. Do 30 seconds to the right and 30 seconds to the left.

Quick jukes with cuts – 30 seconds, alternating left and right.

Off skates pace line – weave through from back to front, keeping close to the line, moving feet, twisting torso to give the pace line your back.  The “pace line” is not moving, only the skater is moving through and around the line.

Jumping Jacks – 20x


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